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Children’s leaflet

  Children and young people are important to us and we want them and their parents to be comfortable and at ease during the services. 

All the children are in church at the beginning of the Family Communion service. We sing the first hymn together, and after a prayer for them they go out to the Funday Club.

For the very young, who may wish to stay with their parents in the service, there are books, crayons and a few toys in ‘Happy Bags’ to borrow from the vestry. 

 We are used to toddlers moving about during the service -it is not a problem.

 The Funday Club

 This is the name of Benefice Sunday School because it is


 The children meet in two age-groups on three Sundays each month.

The services are the Family Communions at 9.30am on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Sundays each month at the Leighs Churches.  

The age groups are approximately KS1 and KS2, although these are flexibly arranged. Younger children are also catered for.   

The leaders are all supported by helpers, and many have teaching experience. 

busy fingers at work

The activities are linked to the day’s readings and usually involve a story, art and craft. The children always seem to enjoy what they do, and benefit from getting to know each other and belonging to a caring and supportive Christian community. New children of all ages are always welcome.

The children rejoin their parents in time for the Communion and they each come forward for a blessing as the adults take Communion. This ensures they feel part of the church family.

Taking part in the service

Taking part in the service

At the monthly Family Service the children stay in and older ones take part by reading the Bible or taking the prayers. Percussion instruments are also used by the younger children (and adults!) where appropriate.

Look what we've made!

At the end of the service the children show the congregation what they have been doing, sometimes this involves singing or acting. This is a positive act which is appreciated by the children and congregation alike.

After much consideration and prayer the PCC decided to admit baptised children to communion before confirmation. To learn more click: Children and Communion


We had a small group of young teenagers who were aware they needed a different approach and a Confirmation Group was started for those interested.

 A number of young persons and adults were confirmed in 2011 & subsequent years

some of the group with the Bishop and Rector in 2011

From time to time there are family picnics, trips to the forest and holiday clubs for children of all ages.

We are committed to valuing, listening and respecting children and young people as well as promoting their welfare and protection closely. Each of our leaders have criminal Record Bureau checks carried out on them and all are clear.

We have 10 leaders and a few helpers to carry out God’s work amongst the children in a safe and happy environment.

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