Rogation Sunday 2016



On Rogation Sunday we held the ROGATION CELEBRATION with 0ur fellow Parishes of Gt Waltham , The Chignals ,Ford End & Mashbury as usual. This year we started at Gate Farm Moulsham Lane Gt Leighs by kind permission of James Hawkes. Those who couldn’t walk stayed at the farm and followed the service with the aid of a power point presentation with Rev Rose.

The service took the now familiar form of a prayer, a reading and a hymn in different venues to thank God for the natural elements we enjoy and from which we benefit – water, soil, fire, air and animals. This necessitated walking round a field of wheat (soil) to a clearing where James had built a fire and we toasted marshmallows (fire) to an old water pump that had faithfully served the people of Hornells Corner in years gone by (water) and we drank water and beer before heading round to the side of a wood where we saw swallows  and a plant that later in the year would be a haven of food for bees, peggles in the bank and then we waved flags, blew bubbles and thought about air. we also ate parsley and bread at the field.

The morning became warmer and the sun shone brightly making it a most enjoyable occasion. 50 people turned up                and a large number of children with dogs.

After the service we enjoyed a bring and share lunch including bread made from wheat grown onthe farm.

Greg, Janis and Tim played for all the hymns as we walked around and many thanks go to them.

We thank Rev Sandra and Rose for organising this service, nd for all the thought that went into it.


















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