Our current pattern for services is every Sunday 11am at Little Waltham and at 9.30am on weeks 1&2 at Little Leighs and weeks 3&4 at Great Leighs.

On 5th sunday months we combine at 10.30am at a church in rotation.

We also have other services within our Group in Gt Waltham Parish. (highlighted in green)

Let all the world, in every corner sing…

  MARCH 2017 


5th March  Lent 1 

09.30     Family  Service        Little Leighs

11.00     Morning Prayer  Little Waltham

Monday  6th March

Meeting for Prayer 8pm Restharrow

Church Lane Little leighs  

12th March   Lent 2

 09.30      Family Communion      Little leighs

11.00       Parish Communion        Lt Waltham

19th March  Lent 3

09.30   Family Communion      Gt Leighs

11.00    Morning Prayer    Lt Waltham

26th March   Lent 4  Mothering Sunday

09.30     Family Service    Gt Leighs

5pm     Reflections      Gt Waltham

                                 * * * * * * * * *

Wednesdays    9.00am  Morning Prayer 

   1st March  FE    8th Chignals   15th Gt Leighs:  22nd Lt Leighs  

Thursdays           10am       Holy Communion    

9th  LW    16th GW       23rd LW      

Thursday MMU service 12 noon

9th      16th      23rd     30th March

                                * * * * * * * *

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